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The Best Version of You...

Learn to see yourself and others as a leaders with clarity that you've never had before.  Learn new ways to bring your team together and ensure they are working in sync toward the highest-priority goals.  Leverage your existing strengths and supplement them with an ever-expanding leadership toolkit.  Build more productive working relationships, and achieve your goals.

ChangeAgent Executive Coaching


The Wilkinsky Nine Step Process

360 Review via interviews of individuals identified by the client, followed by a Strengths-Based feedback report and targeted coaching to address opportunities identified within.  We work with our clients with an approach that's right for them.  Whether that be through Psychodynamics, Cognitive Behavior, Solution-Focused Approaches, Narrative, Transpersonal, Positive Psychology, Development, Transformation, Leadership, Mindfulness, Life, or Career coaching.

Vision, Strategy, Execution

ChangeAgent works with executives to help them develop their personal mission, vision, values, and leadership approach.  We'll help you identify strategies to meet your business needs and change management approaches that will build your credibility within the organization and rally your team.


Power & Influence

You naturally are in a position of power based on your position. 
But how do you build your influence the right way?


We help you to navigate the natural politics that go unseen within your organization and help you to use them as a tool for accomplishment


Social Credibility

Are you new in your current leadership role? 
Trying to figure out how to connect with the legacy team? 

We’ll coach you on the concept of social credibility and watch your new organizational
culture take form.


People & Culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.  Throw all your assumptions out the window.

We’ve built a people-focused culture.  We know what it takes, and we can help you and your organization go from fragmented to communal. 

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