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Ryan Goodrich, MSOD


Phone: 862-207-9160



Ryan Goodrich is a seasoned leader with 18 years of work experience in different areas including supplier quality, new product development, program management, procurement, diversity & inclusion, and talent management.  He currently serves as the Director of Global Procurement Talent Management and Organizational Development at the Estée Lauder Companies where he is focused on building talent attraction, talent development, and culture-change initiatives.

As an Executive Coach, understanding who the client is at a human level is crucial.  We are all complex individuals and Ryan tries to understand who his clients are beyond their job title and present circumstances.  Ryan’s philosophy towards coaching has been shaped around his ability to help his clients see themselves as a complete picture and understand who they are as a person and as a professional.  Once there is a firm sense of self, Ryan works with clients to identify their executive coaching goals and facilitates a process designed to help them realize their true leadership potential.

From an Organizational Consulting perspective, Ryan leverages his expansive experience in the “people field” to help his clients implement business critical initiatives that can engage employees and lift an organization.  Ryan has a unique view of organizational dynamics based on his experience across multiple functions and a proven track record of implementing programs that help groups meet and exceed their transformational goals.  Whatever the client’s situation, he will work with them to understand their needs, assist in finding the best solution, and use his program management background to ensure a successful implementation.


Ryan earned his bachelor’s degree in Packaging Engineering from Michigan State University and is completing his master’s degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania where his concentration is in Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching.  He has experience working within four Fortune 500 companies (Toyota, Applied Materials, Bayer, and Estée Lauder) and has played a part in the development of three small businesses in New Jersey (Consolidated Business Resources, Limitless Performance & Therapy, and FTC Kids).  He is married with two daughters (Amaya, 7 and Kailynn, 4) and plays the role of a dutiful “dance-dad” each weekend.  His hobbies and interests include playing the guitar, designing unique human resource management software, personal fitness, and repeatedly measuring his garage to make sure the new Ford Bronco will fit when it’s released in 2021.

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