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Diversity & Inclusion


The roles and responsibilities of employee resource groups (ERGs) in organizations must transition from social networks to “think-tank” type groups that directly impact the business.  The changing face of America’s workforce demands it.


ERGs are an opportunity that will allow the voices of employees to be heard and the power of diverse thinking to influence the new ground-rules that will define the workplace of the future; its workforce, clients and consumers.


ChangeAgent can provide you with the frame-work that will allow each ERG to work together while turning members into leaders and elevating best practice across your organization.  We’ll help them define their value proposition and how performance will be measured and monitored.  And we’ll help them serve as a cultural competency engine to fuel better intelligence for the executive team.  Employee engagement and retention will increase, and you’ll find new champions to lead your organization into the future.


We’ve built Employee Resource Groups that have fundamentally changed corporate cultures.  We’ve started them with a team of four and grown them into global chapters with over 6,000 registered members.  The benefits are incredible.  Give your top talent diverse platforms to create and develop, and watch how they add value back to your business. 

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