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Utilize our solutions to drive a People focused Cultural Change within your Organization.



Ready for a transformation?  From university engagement & talent management strategies to team building, leadership development, employee engagement, organizational design & innovation management.

Peopleware Solutions

The key to attracting, developing and retaining top talent is having a unique, well structured and innovative program built on people's strengths and interests.  We'll provide you with software and systems to support your programs and help you compete with today's talent attraction Titans.



Shape your vision, develop your strategy, and create an implementation roadmap.  Undersand the future of management, how to build and leverage your power and influence, develop social credibility and shape your People and Culture workstreams.

Diversity & Inclusion

ChangeAgent can provide you with the frame-work that will allow your Employee Resource Groups to work together while turning members into leaders and elevating best practice across your organization.  

PowerPoint Services

Start with experimentation.  Add divergent thinking around emerging styles and trends.  Combine consulting templates with TED-X influenced approaches.  Once you're there, you start to become a PowerPoint expert.  Take it one step further and you're Change Agent Design Services.

Social Content

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of talent attraction.  You want to be known for your products, your mission statement, and your core values.  ChangeAgent will help you turn your brand identity into a magnet for top talent.

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