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Engagement Topics

Advice from the Oregon Trail

How to bring Millennials and Sr. Leaders together in mutually beneficial relationships.

Best Rotational Programs

How to land top talent and help them accelerate through innovative rotational programs.



Creating Adaptive Spaces where Employees can reinvent ways of working.

Building Your

Leadership Style

What kind of leader do you want to be?  How do you want to shape your vision and inspire people to follow?

Building Your

Social Credibility

The ability to influence is crucial.  Leverage social credibility to bring people together.

Controlling the Narrative

 Negative press is everywhere.  There are ways you can control the narrative to minimize negative PR.

Competency Models that Matter

 How to identify skills that will set up your organization for the future.



How to create an organizational culture that allows people the opportunity to thrive.

Development Strategies for Today

 What really adds value back to the employee and the company's bottom line.

Divergent Career Pathways

I'm an engineer... who works in procurement... who acts as a Human Resources BP.  How did I get here?

New Management Principles

Throw out tradition.  These pioneers are reinventing management principles.

Enhancing Employee Engagement

Is employee morale suffering?  What are some changes you can make for your organization?

Hospitable Leadership

We're all familiar with servant leadership.  Now it's time to become hospitable leaders.

HOPE: Champions for ASD Awareness

How a group of four people challenged the status quo to improve benefits for their colleagues

Leaders who Inspire Leaders

You don't become a leader or an entrepreneur without a strong base of support and role models.

Leadership Through Storytelling

People follow leaders who they believe in, who inspire them, and in whom they see a piece of themselves. Stories are the key.

Living your Dream Brand Identity

You've made the decision on what you want to be known for.  Now it's time to show the organization just how good you are.

Management Innovation

How to create idea generators and passionate innovators within your organization

Hospitable Leadership

Mental Health: the 5 Bridges Approach

A 5 part system used to maintain mental health.  Base, Rest, Fuel,

Move, Give

HOPE: Champions for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Modern Change Management

How to manage change and development within a business with Millennials in mind.

Leaders who Inspire

Power and Politics in Corporate America

Organizations provide a power base for individuals. It's up to you to use that Power for good.

Leadership Through Storytelling


Top Talent

Recruiting top talent is hard, especially when you're competing with modern titans..  Here are some techniques that have beaten them.

Living your Dream Brand Identity

The Art of the Apology Meeting

If you work in a large company and have an entrepreneurial mind-set, you're bound for an apology meeting.

Management Innovation

The Art of Effective Team Building

Team building that brings people together.  Let's create a family who works for each other, not in opposition.

The BPDN: Where ChangeAgent started

An ERG built for every employee that grew to become the largest resource group in the history of a Fortune 50 company.

Freedom Events: When a Door Closes

When one door close, another one opens.  Turning traumatic moments into "Freedom Events".

The Practice of Mindfulness

We need to be conscious or aware of ourselves in the present in order to become what we're meant to be in the future.

Unshakeable Optimism

There is nothing that you can't overcome.

What Service does for an Organization

The cultural benefits to committing to community service.

What's Your


Everyone has a super power.  That one thing that if they can identify will change there life

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