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Take action... Take ownership...

People are paramount to the success of your business.

Leave the prisons of tradition and open the door to an organizational transformation with ChangeAgent.

Peopleware Platforms

Help your top talent by providing them with a blueprint for success. Attract higher quality candidates and accelerate their development.

Intern Programs

The key to attracting top student talent is having a unique, well structured and innovative internship program.

You have to recruit projects around talent, not the other way around.  These systems will help you to build a program that can compete with the modern Titans and help you win.

  • Manage key relationships with target universities

  • Build out intern profiles and landing pages

  • Develop crucial networking blueprints

  • Includes Project submissions and tracking

  • Weekly report outs & template libraries

  • Gamification & Growth Experiences

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Prepare the Next
Generation of leaders

Once you have a class of extremely talented interns, retention is key.

Our solutions provide you with the capability to manage your Leadership Development Program from a whole systems approach.

Enhance rotations with unique development assignments that will turn your intern program into a talent pipeline for future leaders.

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Retain and Accelerate Your Top Performers

Make sure you’re not ignoring the talent that got your function to where it is today.

GX-PRO provides you with a tool to learn what inspires each of your employees at a human level and provides you with frame breaking approaches and techniques to help them accelerate their careers. 

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Pairings via Competencies, Personalities & Values

A mishandled mentoring program can end up doing more harm than good. 

It’s no secret that formal mentoring programs can increase employee engagement. 

Our algorithms will make the perfect pairing, every time.

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