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ChangeAgent can help you gain a competitive advantage by providing you the blue print for transformation and culture creation, top talent attraction, development, and retention at critical business crossroads.  We’ll help you implement these programs and take a hands-on approach in each of our service areas.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching is a term used broadly to cover work with executives from middle management upwards or sometimes even with those in junior roles who are deemed to have high potential.  It is used most effectively with individuals who have significant responsibility for the current and future success of an organization and who have the potential to develop and change.

People & Culture Services

Organizations today face a number of pressures;  COVID-19, uncertainty in the global economy, cost cutting measures, building shareholder confidence, improving operational agility, expanding product pipelines, and modernizing a workforce for the new digital age are at the forefront. 


Every organization wants to learn how to gain a competitive advantage through its people – how to recruit and develop the right people with the right capability and create a workplace culture that allows them to excel.  This is the heart of what we do.

Transformation &

Culture Creation

ChangeAgent will put Culture and Organizational Health at the heart of your transformation agenda.

We’ll help you identify your vision and build a community where your organization will thrive while adding immense value back to the business.

Talent Attraction &


ChangeAgent will help you put structure in place to manage your internship programs which will allow you  to attract top talent from prestigious business schools across the country.  Our programs will also help advance your legacy team’s capability through accelerated development approaches

Change Management
& Communications

ChangeAgent uses proven whole systems techniques in combination with visually impactful messaging to make sure your vision is successfully communicated, embraced, and fully implemented.

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