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PowerPoint Services

Our ability to capture your message in PowerPoint is World-Class.

Express Your Vision…

Development of Corporate and Functional brand identity and full host of function related templates specific to their business needs.  Start with experimentation.  Add divergent thinking around emerging styles and trends.  Combine consulting templates with TED-X influenced approaches.  Once you're there, you start to become a PowerPoint expert.  Take it one step further and you're ChangeAgent Design Services.  We're the best there is at capturing your vision and value proposition.

Let us build a “Slide Deck Design Lab” for your Organization


"Start from Scratch" Customization

  • Your Brand and Company Identity

  • Theme & Font Discovery

  • Multi-Use Templates

  • Stakeholder Overview

  • Project One-Pagers

  • Advanced Waterfall Charts

  • Situation-Target Proposal

  • Stage-Gate Reviews

  • Financial Reporting

  • Core Team Capture

  • Work Breakdown Structures

  • Strategy Frameworks

  • Project Management

  • Recruiting Decks

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